Renegade Graphics LLC was founded in 1999 by Mary Carroll. 
Mary has over 10 years experience working as a catalog designer 
for Palms & Pomegranates, House of Lloyd, and Concepts Direct.  She has also been employed as a photo stylist and gained SEO experience working at Video Professor. Previous to her career as
a graphic designer, Mary worked for the New York Times Company
as a news photographer for many years.

Mary earned a B.A degree in art from the University of Minnesota
with a minor in jorunalism, and later studied graphic and web
design at Santa Rosa Junior College and the Kansas City Art
Institute. Renegade Graphics is a member of the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce and Broomfield, Colorado Chamber of Commerce.

“Business owners
need to realize that their
design is a reflection of their
business even if it is not intentional.
If you don’t care about your design
then your design is telling people that
you don’t care about your business.”

                             — Marco Suarez