Over time you will put a lot of effort into promoting your company, and your logo will be the center of your marketing efforts. Having the best logo possible is vital as it informs customers of who you are and what you represent. Your logo not only makes your business stand apart from your competitors but also portrays your companies unique character.

A good business logo helps customers feel secure that your business is professional and you are serious about the products and services you offer.

Establishing the right logo for your business is an investment. Realize that there is a tremendous difference between a good and bad logo – one that brings customers to you or one that turns them away. Your company logo must be professional, eye catching, memorable and relevant to your product or service.

As the forefront of your marketing, your logo must be used on all your marketing materials such as letterhead, business cards, website, advertising, outgoing emails etc... to become a recognized symbol or brand.

Your Business Logo Must Include:
• An appropriate color scheme for your products or services
• Simplicity, if you have to explain it, it isn't working
• Aesthetic appeal
• Clean professional design using the suitable fonts and graphics
• A reflection of your business personality and philosophy
• Appeal to your target demographic

It's important that your logo portrays the character of your business: Is it conservative, playful, contemporary, old fashioned, urban, country, etc.? For example if you're in the insurance industry your logo should be conservative; but if you sell children's clothing then something cute, bright and appealing to mothers is a better choice.

How much you can spend on your logo design will depend entirely on your budget. Renegade Graphics, LLC offers agency quality work to small businesses and nonprofits on a limited budget. Because your logo is the center of your marketing efforts, it's important to GET IT RIGHT.

Choose a company like Renegade Graphics, LLC that LISTENS to your ideas and exceeds your expectations. We allow multiple edits so your logo will represent your business perfectly. Your complete satisfaction is our goal.

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