A marketing facelift should result in increased customer awareness and traffic to your business. Ultimately, a successful facelift will increase sales and strengthen your business identity. In today's competitive environment, businesses must be smart in marketing both themselves and their products. No company should allow their image to convey the wrong message. For a marketing facelift to be effective, the marketing strategies used need to match customer perceptions of your business.

1. Update Your Logo
As the logo typically creates the visual image of your business that is retained by customers, make sure that your logo design still fits with the current image and direction of your company. Through professional design or re-design of your company logo, your corporate image and identity will also be refreshed and enhanced. It will get attention, with the message being that your business is a more innovative and forward thinking company.

2. Update Your Collateral
Items that are created to reinforce and remind people of your company and its critical marketing messages also need to be updated and refreshed. Having effective and current marketing collateral is highly recommended - you want your business to stand out from your competitors and create the best image for your business. Printing costs today are so much less than they were a decade ago. Producing great looking brochures, posters, letterhead etc. are within the reach of every business. Contact Renegade Graphics for printing quotes to fit your budget.

3. Revamp Your Website
As the Internet is an easily accessible resource for customers to find out about your business, your website should be well designed and easily navigable, so that customers and clients can quickly find the information they are looking for. Remember that your website needs to look professional. Would you spend your hard earned money at a website that looks unprofessional, would you even trust them to do a professional job? Your website should be created by a professional who understands the importance of search engine optimization and can effectively communicate your marketing message.

4. Consider Promotional Items
Now that you've invested in a great logo, consider using a promotional item like notepads, mugs, pens, calculators, business card magnets etc. to advertise your business. Today, you can get your logo and phone number printed on nearly anything. Since business cards just get filed away, having your business message on a usable item will keep your business message in the forefront of your customers mind. Renegade Graphics partners with several companies who have an extensive inventory of promotional items.

5. Update Your Packaging
There is tremendous benefit in having your business message communicated consistently and often. Consider the different types of packaging used in your business – from shopping bags to mailing labels.

6. Be Consistent
Consistency in your marketing is key. It is essential that you continually use the same fonts and images in all your marketing efforts, including business correspondence, work order forms, invoices, etc. to reinforce your branding. Make sure the font you choose is easily legible and reinforces your marketing concept.

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