Branding is EVERYTHING about your company from it's philosophy to it's look. Your brand sets you apart from your competitors; it's not what you sell, it's what you stand for. By branding you are creating a perceived image that distinguishes your business from others who sell the same services or offer similar products.

Branding is the process of creating unique and lasting perceptions in the minds of customers and prospects. A brand is a consistent business identity intertwined with quality, personality and great service.

What Does Branding Do?
• Affirms your value in the market place.
• Highlights your unique selling point.
• Establishes your reputation and creates a loyal fan base.
• Attracts your target demographic to gain new customers.

Five Steps to Brand Your Business:
1. Company Name and Tagline – Think of a catchy phrase that says something about you or what you do. It's easier to remember a branded company with a memorable tagline.
2. Logo Design and Graphics – A logo is not a brand, it is the face of a company and is integral to the brand. Be sure your logo matches up with your company's personality. Your logo must be simple, attractive, memorable and appropriate to your industry.
3. What Is Your Brand Promise? – Is it reliability, affordability, service, leadership, integrity, etc...Work on being known for at least one positive trait. Who do people say you are? Are they confused? Are you?
4. Find your Niche – Who is your target market and what value do you provide for them? For small businesses, this is most important, because you don't have the power of large corporations, you must to create customer loyalty to thrive.
5. Create a Good Customer Experience – Your customers will evaluate every experience they have with you, from the first impression to a potential sale and beyond. People love to buy, but hate to be sold. Evaluate yourself from the perspective of your customers "Would you buy from you"?
6. What Is Your Unique Selling Proposition? – Why should someone buy from you? Ideally, you should be solving a problem or providing benefits to your target market. Always sell benefits, not features.
7. Be Consistent – Consistency is paramount to establishing your brand, you want to get to the point when your brand is embedded into the subconscious minds of your customers. This requires a consistent and characteristic look on every marketing piece you send a customer from newsletters to packaging and even your outgoing emails.

The power of Branding is not limited to services and products. Many companies are successfully using social media fan pages to better connect with their customers wants and needs. What people are saying about your brand? Feedback can never be undervalued. Search for your company on Google and monitor responses your business is getting. If there are negative comments, think about how you can turn them into a positives.

The bottom line... Everyone pretty much sells the same thing, the companies that stand for something have a better chance of outlasting their competition.

What are the consequences of not branding? Your business will be invisible, with no action or reaction from prospects.

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