A logo is simply the graphic representation of what a company does. A good designer can convey a lot of information about a company in a tiny logo design through thoughtful combination of color and illustration. Even the best logo design will, over time become stale as graphic and visual trends change.

Reasons why you should consider a logo update:

• You started your company with a logo designed by a family member, and it's time to put a more professional face on your business.
• You created your logo using an inexpensive online design service, and you require a design unique to your business.
• Your company has matured and has branched into new markets, products and services.
• Your current logo looks stale.
• Your business may have evolved into an entirely different industry.
• The demographic target of your business has changed.
• To stay relevant in your market a logo update has become vital.

Renegade Graphics is experienced in updating logos that keep your original concept and brand recognition intact. Your customers will view your new logo as an evolution of the old one.

Following a logo redesign, it's a good idea to communicate with your clients through a company newsletter, sales representative or customer service, informing them that a change has taken place and your reasons for doing so.

Keep in mind that with rebranding, your business cards, stationary and other branded promotional items will also have to be updated and eventually replaced.

I can testify from personal experience that rebranding can give your business a positive boost, as prospects and existing clients will view your company as being progressive and forward thinking.

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